Why Call Florin Legal?

Florin Legal, P.A. can help Florida consumers ready to start settling debts, as well as those just looking to manage collection phone calls.  Each financial extreme starts with a free review of your credit report.

Before developing a plan to deal with outstanding credit issues, Florin Legal, P.A. takes the time for a free credit report review and evaluation of your individual financial situation.

Free Credit Report Review

A consumer credit report is most often the best place to start in evaluating outstanding debts and credit obligations.  From a quick review of your credit report, Florin Legal can help determine the number of outstanding debts, the credit card balances, and identify debts sold or assigned to debt buyers.  At this point, you also need to start saving recent collection letters and documenting collection telephone calls and conversations.  While there is nothing we can do to stop the filing of a lawsuit, there are ways to manage collection phone calls and debtor harassment.

Develop a Financial Plan

Based on the free credit report review, the next step is to develop a very broad financial plan and decide how best to move forward.  No two consumers are the same and the decision to move forward depends entirely on your individual financial situation.  Some Florida consumers are ready to start settling and resolving outstanding debts and Florin Legal can help start with prioritizing the outstanding debts based on likelihood of litigation and settlement offers.

Others on a reduced or fixed income may not have the financial ability to start resolving their outstanding debts, but do need to manage the constant collection phone calls.  Florin Legal can help and provide letters to debt collectors to stop the telephone calls and bring lawsuits against those debt collectors that fail to stop.

Whether you need to stop collection phone calls or are ready to settle debt, Florin Legal can help with the free credit report review today.