There are entirely too many Florida consumers who have no idea what information appears on their consumer credit report, whether the information is accurate, and who may be accessing their credit reporting information.

A recent study by the FTC found that as many as 25% of consumers have credit report errors.

With the growing reliance of credit reports and credit reporting data in everyday life, it is more important than ever for Florida consumers to periodically review their credit reports and ensure the information reported is accurate.  In reviewing credit reports, Florin Legal, P.A. takes the time to review each credit report not only for incorrect debts and balances, but also pays special attention who may be accessing the consumer’s credit report.

How Do I Dispute an Item on My Credit Report?

There are multiple ways to dispute errors on your credit report.  The credit reporting agencies now offer consumers the ability to dispute debts electronically on the internet, as well as through the mail.  When disputing a debt through the mail, be sure to include a copy of the credit report circling the incorrect debt, as well as any other information that can assist the reporting agency in investigating the dispute.  Be sure to make copies and not to send any original documents.

Did Someone Unlawfully Access My Credit Report?

There is a section of your credit report identified as Credit Inquiries, Promotional Inquiries, etc. that typically lists anyone who may have accessed your credit report in the past two years and the purpose of the credit report “pull”.

It only takes about five minutes to pull your credit report and Florin Legal, P.A. offers a free review for Florida consumers.  Please take the time and click on the link for to review your information.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) provides the framework for the litigation of credit reporting violations.  While consumer credit reports can be difficult to review and understand, please feel free to contact Florin Legal, P.A. if you suspect debts have been reported incorrectly on your credit report or you believe someone may have unlawfully accessed your credit report.