Free Credit Reports

Free Credit Reports

Free Credit Reports are now available weekly from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion through April of 2021.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, each of the three major credit reporting agencies are now offering free online access to your credit report on a weekly basis.

How to get a free credit report?

You can get a free credit report at Please be sure to print or save each of the credit reports as a .pdf file for your records.  This is particularly important if there are inaccurate items to be disputed or if you would like a free credit report review from Florin Legal, P.A.

Why is this important?

Typically the credit reporting agencies only provide consumers with a free credit report every 12 months.  Weekly access to your credit report helps to ensure the information reported is accurate.  Further, you are able catch potential identity theft issues quickly, as well as working to improve potentially derogatory accounts.

Unable to Access Credit Report?

Florin Legal, P.A. offers free assistance to Florida consumers that need assistance in obtaining their free credit report.  If you need help, please contact Florin Legal, P.A. at (813)724-3063.

Credit Report Review

Similarly, Florin Legal, P.A. can assist Florida consumers in reviewing the credit report. We help identify credit report errors, highlight areas of concern, as well as assisting consumers in disputing inaccurate credit tradelines. Finally, we can help review the credit inquiries and ensure your credit report has not been accessed unlawfully.

For more information about free credit reports or to schedule a free credit report review, please contact Florin Legal, P.A. at (813)724-3063 today!